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FAQ Of (Frequently Asked Question)

Rating : 0/5 , Author : Eri Nurdiyanto , Topic : Uncategorized, Date : 2020/02/27 05:30,Views: 64, Like : 2 , Dislike : 0

Eri Nurdiyanto

Eri Nurdiyanto


founder and developer of , forex trading, programming , SEO enthusiast.
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[more content from this user] - Q: what is pinterduit about? A: This is the platform to make money writing online Q: how to make money using this ? A: just register and start writing, your earning start running. Q: how much i can earn from a writing A: It depend on how much valid view of your writing. Q: how much the CPM rate ? A: it using bidding system, the range lower is 0.05$ and up to 10$ Q: what payment gateway available here ? A: Pinterduit use paypal only as payment gateway Q: what minimum ammount to deposit and withdraw A:The minimum threshold of deposit and withdraw is 5$ Q: how to advertise in pinterduit A: Pinterduit had a dashboard for advertiser, writer and reader, So You can start advertising using current account. Q: what ad format available ? A: current ads fromat is only banner Q: what type format calculation system A: the ads showing count based on CPM (cost per mile) not CPC or CPA Q: is share our content to social media such as facebok, youtube, twitter etc allowed ? A: yes it allowed and recommended, but dont be spammy. just share link once a day. Q: how to attach image on my content ? A: upload your image to external image upload hosting such as : imgbb , copy the direct link url and paste to your post editor. ***this content was uploaded to

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