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Home » Kitchen And Cooking » Healthy Recipes: Watercress, Feta and Rice Salad

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Healthy Recipes: Watercress, Feta and Rice Salad

Rating : 0/5 , Author : Brian Schurer , Topic : Kitchen And Cooking, Date : 2020/01/24 11:21,Views: 12, Like : 0 , Dislike : 0

Brian Schurer

Brian Schurer


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[more content from this user] - Salads can be one of the most nutritious and healthy meals you can choose, but always remember to beware of high-fat dressings, mayonnaise and too much oil. Here’s a healthy, enormously tasty salad that also happens to be easy to prepare… Watercress, Feta and Red Salad 125g red/ brown rice 2 medium oranges, segmented 80g feta cheese, crumbled 4 large handfuls watercress Empty red/ brown rice into a pan and pour in 1pt of boiling water. Cover and simmer for 25 minsthen pour rice into a colander, drain and rinse under the cold tap. Mix cooked rice with the orange segments, feta and watercress. Serve. ***this content was uploaded to

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